Very good business needs very good connections.

The South Africa Social & Business Network in few words!

The South Africa Social & Business Network was founded in 2007 by Claus Lauter, Marketing Director of Intergate Immigration Service and is nowadays the most successful business network for expats in South Africa.

South Africa Social & Business Network

South Africa Social & Business Network

The network is an exchange platform for members, who are living in, moving to or are interested in South Africa. Joining the group opens plenty of opportunities, friendships and business relationships and will open a new way of living in South Africa, either in Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg.

Currently, more than 5.000 people are in the network email list. We meet monthly for socializing and talking business at our events in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

We always look forward welcoming new members to join our South Africa Social & Business Network, because only if we grow, our idea of a successful network will flourish and work.

As a member in our group you will have plenty of advantages, such as exclusive interesting, entertaining events, speeches from professionals, informative talks with nice people and even new ideas can be learned.

Membership is FREE, there is NO membership fee.

As a successful networker you have also some obligations. Don’t worry its not anything serious. We want you to be an active part of our network, support our goals and needs, the idea of our group, as well as make friends and business relationships.

“Spreading the word is the key to go!”

Proposed networkers, new networkers, who have been suggested by other members, had always the best references. Even though we are telling you right now that our group is continuously growing, we know that we could be an even bigger and greater group, that’s for sure, therefore you should tell our and your network to other people. Promote yourself and your successes to others. Expand the scope of the network through targeted integration of new members.

“Become an active member!”

We would be pleased if our members are active members, who join our events, contribute to our events, maybe host an event or organize it or hold speeches. Everyone is invited to take part in our “Live Network Events” and we are more than happy to welcome your friends or business partners ? Have a look at our events calendar now

“How to do?”

Sign up now for free to our newsletter and receive your invitation to the next event and access to the members area.

Our networking events take place once per month, Thursdays at 6:30 pm, in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Suggestions for venues are always welcome.

The business network can also been found as “XING Cape Town Ambassador Group”, “XING Durban Group” and “XING Johannesburg Social & Business Network Group”.

We wish you lots of fun and success within the South Africa Social & Business Network.

Claus Lauter
South Africa Social & Business Network – be part of our growing network!

Please keep in mind, we are not a club, we do not have a chairman or other bureaucratic rules, we are a group of like minded people who love to gain new ideas and get to know new people.